History, Horses & the start of our Wine Journey

History, Horses & the start of our Wine Journey
Many of you are curious of who we are and what’s our story. Join us as we embark on our journey in the wine business. We are talking wine, family, culture, & lifestyle on the farm!
Growing up in Saratoga Springs, NY, our family was always active in the horse racing industry. While many of you are familiar with a day at the track, placing bets, and the winners circle, my family is in the background breeding the next championship racehorse on our family’s thoroughbred breeding farm, Old Tavern Farm.
The name “Old Tavern” comes from a centuries old tavern that sat on the property. Today the farm spans 26 acres of pine trees and paddocks overlooking the lush landscape of Saratoga Lake. The farm focuses on breeding the highest caliber horses with the best pedigree, and winning race records. 
After a long day of mucking stalls, there is nothing we enjoy more than going out to dinner and sipping on a bottle(s) of wine. So, continuing our success in farming we started Old Tavern Farm Winery. Keeping with our same motto, our goal quality farming, quality wine.
We just received our NYS Winery License and are on our way to having you be able to sip on Old Tavern Farm Wine! Currently all our operation and production takes place on the farm. We work with the best producers around the country to source quality product to your table. We find the best grapes to bring you the best wine
Our end goal is to plant vines and grow our own grapes. And so we have begun our search for the best plot of land! Stay tuned!!

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