- Passion for Farming -
Sharing our connection to the land and passion for bringing people together, Old Tavern Farm Winery was created. Our name, values, and dedication to quality all derive from Old Tavern Farm, our family farm focused on breeding the highest caliber racehorses. Located in Saratoga Springs, NY we are focused on the best farming practices, quality resources and hands on approach.
- Product -
With every bottle telling a story about ‘life on the farm’, we are working with impassioned growers and winemakers from vineyards across the country, to create quality wines. We find the best fruit, to bring you the best wine. We carefully crafted a unique supply chain for each varietal, by finding growers that best fit our farming practices and winemakers whose style matches our flavor profile.  All of our wines are then finished and bottled on our family's farm in Saratoga Springs, NY.