The Farm

 Established in 2016, Old Tavern Farm is a private boutique thoroughbred breeding farm in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. The name Old Tavern comes from a centuries old tavern that once sat on the property, saving some of the original infrastructure and incorporated in the barn.

Nestled atop a ridge overlooking Saratoga Lake and the foothills of the Adirondacks, Old Tavern Farm is focused on the breeding and sale of thoroughbreds that compete at the highest level of racing. The state-of the art facility balances a boutique breeding operation and a small number of pinhooking prospects each year. Through this operation, Old Tavern Farm shoots to bring ten elite offerings a year to the market.   

Old Tavern Farm is honored to participate in the National Museum of Racing's innovative new project called Foal Patrol, a one-of-a-kind collection of live web cameras where people can view real-time streams of in-foal mares during their pregnancy through the actual foaling.

Click here to watch Old Tavern Farm's Memento D'oro.

Meet the Other Residents:

Pork Chop: He walks around like he owns the place and eats anything he can find. Open the barn doors and you will be greeted by our "guard pig", that's when he's not scoping the feed room for any left overs.

Walter: Always on the job, this barn cat does not let anything get past him. If you want to be on his good side, bring him a treat.



The Backyard Flock: Home to 13 free range chickens laying the freshest eggs daily.